Listing process for agency that DOES NOT subscribe to Quickrealestate

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  • Agency signs up new listing
  • Owner completes property presentation works
  • Agent arranges photos
  • Agent prepares ad script for proofing
  • Days have passed
  • Agent arranges floor plan
  • Agent arranges brochures
  • Agent arranges property video
  • Days continue to pass
  • Agent arranges for sale sign
  • Agent arranges print media advertising
  • Agent uploads property to online portals
  • Finally the property is on the market
  • Agent receives buyer enquiry.
  • OR

Listing process for agency that DOES subscribe to Quickrealestate

See Process
  • Agency signs up new listing
  • Agent enters basic property details onto Quickrealestate and submits property
  • Quickrealestate instantly alerts buyers
  • Agent receives buyer enquiry
  • OR

    With Quickrealestate properties could be SOLD or LEASED before the need to outlay significant advertising dollars.

* A recent study into a medium sized operating Real Estate Agency sales department showed the time gap between the signing of the authority appointing the agent, to the online listing date was just over 11 days. What is your agencies gap? Quickrealestate aims to service this gap, reducing days on market and vacancy rates, through instant action.

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2 weeks ago


36 Summerland Dr





For Sale, Negotiable $335,000

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